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#WhatClinicAwards2017 recognise Coast Dental for outstanding patient service


The team at Coast Dental is very excited to announce that we have been awarded the What Clinic 2017 patient service award for great customer service. As a practice, we pride ourselves on the service and care we provide for our patients. This award places Coast Dental in the top…

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Facts about Porcelain Veneers

Facts about porcelain veneers | Coast Dental | Adelaide

As an effective cosmetic treatment for concealing minor chips, cracks, stains and gaps, porcelain veneers are one of the most popular forms of dentistry. What are porcelain veneers? Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-coloured porcelain shells that are bonded onto the surface of damaged, discoloured or misaligned tooth structure. This treatment…

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Teeth Whitening to Transform Your Smile!

Teeth Whitening to Transform Your Smile! | Coast Dental | Christies Beach

Feel the change with an effective teeth whitening treatment and smile proudly. Teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic dentistry treatments to take the world by storm. Professional teeth whitening solutions can significantly transform your smile and overall appearance by removing the unflattering stains from the enamel, in…

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Make a lasting impression with porcelain veneers

Make a lasting impression with Porcelain Veneers | Coast Dental

Advancements in modern science and cutting edge technology are seeing dental treatments transform smiles in a more timely and effective way. Porcelain Veneers Adelaide Have you been admiring the flawless smiles of Hollywood greats and dreaming for the same dental makeover? If so, porcelain veneers are the perfect treatment to…

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Could dental implants work for you?

Could dental implants work for you | Coast Dental

We can help restore your oral health and put you on the path to a beautiful smile. What is a dental implant? Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, you can now replace a missing tooth with a fixed dental implant instead of bridges or dentures. A dental implant replaces the…

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Early education is key: part three


In our final blog in the ‘early education is key’ series, we are going to look at the early teens and when you should start thinking about orthodontics. In part one we looked at how to help your child maintain good oral health before their first tooth and when they…

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Early education is key: part two


Part two of Coast Dental’s ‘early education is key’ series will look at providing oral health care to children once they have all of their milk (baby) teeth. In part one of our ‘early education is key’ series, we looked at what you can do to take care of your…

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Early education is key: part one


Part one of Coast Dental’s ‘early education is key’ series will look at providing oral health care to children up to having their first tooth. Did you know you can look after the health of your baby’s teeth before their first tooth has erupted? By helping your baby maintain healthy…

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Straight teeth are healthier teeth

Crooked teeth can lead to further oral and general health problems.

Did you know crooked teeth cause general health problems? If you thought crooked teeth were purely a cosmetic issue: think again. Crooked teeth can lead to further oral and general health problems. For instance, crooked teeth can make it more difficult to brush and floss your teeth which can result…

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‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions

Maybe your new year’s resolution is not as grandiose as running every day, or buying fewer shoes, or dieting to attain a goal you’re not entirely certain about. What about your smile?

Is there something you want to change for the New Year? Around this time each year people start to think about what they would like to change about themselves. It’s tied up in that idea of ‘new year, new you.’ For some that means: starting a diet, eating less cheesy…

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Dentistry done in a day

Dentistry done in a day

Everyone’s busy. And many people feel they do not have the time to visit the dentist. Much of dental advertising plays on the idea that prevention is better than a cure. It’s the idea that 15 minutes today will save you’re a couple of hours tomorrow. This is true. But…

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If it hurts call the experts: emergency dentistry for patients in need

dental emergency? call us on (08) 8384 7322

No one likes being in pain. It’s unpleasant, not to mention inconvenient and it tends to make people irritable. Which might be why Sebastian was sitting sullenly in the corner rubbing his right cheek: the pain was beyond tolerable. His GP told him to go see a dentist. Sebastian hated…

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How do I get straight teeth without braces?

How do I get straight teeth without braces?

With modern orthodontic treatment straightening your teeth without conventional braces is easier than ever! Straight teeth are better for your oral health. But many adult patients, and patients in the late teens, are reluctant to have conventional braces placed on their teeth.  They look unsightly and they make life a…

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Restore your smile in just one appointment


Coast Dental in Christies Beach uses the CEREC machine Time is one our most precious resources. Once it’s gone you cannot get it back. Which is why some people guard their time so preciously. Especially professionals who are busy rushing around to meetings as well as raising a family. Time…

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