Dentures Morphett Vale

Coast Dental offer dentures to help patients regain bite and speech

Dentures are one of the most cost-effective tooth replacement options available. A removable appliance, the base to which the false teeth are attached, a denture is made from cobalt chrome or acrylic. Dentures add support for lips, chin as well as helping with chewing and speech.

When you lose teeth, the jawbone that holds the tooth root starts to shrink and this can give your face a shrunken aged appearance. Your front teeth are designed to tear and rip – not chew – so for every back tooth you lose you lose 10% of your chewing ability. A denture can help your chewing, help you bite and restore the appearance of your smile.

Coast Dental offer two kinds of dentures:

  1. Partial denture: this can replace one or several teeth.
  2. Full denture: this can replace the whole set of teeth on the upper or lower jaw.

How the denture is kept in place depends on the type of denture you need. The ways in which dentures can be kept in place are:

  • Clasps which anchor around neighbouring teeth
  • Denture’s natural suction
  • Sometimes a denture fixative or glue can keep the denture in place

The denture process

At your initial consultation one of our dentists will assess your oral health and determine what the best restorative treatment for your teeth  is. Depending on the level of treatment you require you may need two to four appointments.

The first one or two appointments will be when the impressions of your upper and lower jaw are taken. These impressions will be sent to the dental laboratory where a trial denture will be fabricated.

The next appointment (either the 2nd or the 3rd) will be when the trial denture is fitted to make sure it is comfortable and the prosthetic teeth bite together properly. At this appointment we can make the necessary adjustments; the dentures will be returned to the laboratory for the final stage of completion.

The final appointment is when your completed denture will be fitted.

Getting used to your dentures

At your final denture appointment one of our Coast Dental team will explain what you should expect. There will be some soreness in the initial 48 hours, after which the discomfort and soreness will subside. If the discomfort continues, contact Coast Dental for assistance. While your jaws get used to the dentures it may affect your speech, however this should not last more than a day or so.

Dentures Morphett Vale

To find out more about how Coast Dental can help you, or to book an appointment at our Christies Beach dental practice, please contact us today.

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