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Coast Dental in Christies Beach custom make mouthguards

Sporting accidents are one of the most common causes for dental injuries: especially among children and teenagers. According to the Australian Dental Association over a thousand people per year are treated for dental injuries which could’ve been avoided with a mouthguard. And only 36% of children wear the proper dental protection.

Teeth that have been damaged or knocked out, broken jaw and cut lips are all dental-related injuries that can be sustained during sports. And these injuries can cause further problems with your mouth and jaw. To put it simply a custom-made mouthguard is cheaper than suffering a dental injury on the field.

Even if your child loses a milk tooth this can adversely affect the growth of their adult teeth, especially if treatment is neglected. The thing about your child’s (baby) milk teeth is that they help their jaw get used to having teeth, as well as helping with speech and chewing. An infected or damaged milk tooth can adversely affect the development of their adult teeth.

Why you should get your mouthguard from a dentist

The custom-made mouthguards vs. store-bought mouthguards argument is not dissimilar to the teeth whitening one. The clear advantage of a mouthguard made by a dentist has over a store-bought one is the custom-made one is specially designed to suit you and your mouth. This means the protection will be better and it will feel more comfortable to wear. Additionally, you can bring your custom-made mouthguard to Coast Dental to have it checked for wear and tear.

Mouthguards protect more than your teeth

While the primary role of a sports mouthguard is to protect your teeth it can also cushion a hit to the mouth or jaw and thereby prevent damage to the brain, neck and jaw.

The process for sports mouthguards

When you visit Coast Dental in south Adelaide one of our friendly dentists will discuss your needs. Then an impression mould of your teeth is taken and your custom mouthguard will be fabricated. We will then set up another appointment where you came come in and pick up the mouthguard. It is important that you look after your mouthguard properly and always bring it with you to your next appointment.

How to look after your sports mouthguard

Only wear your mouthguard when you’re playing sports or training. Ensure you keep it clean, dry and in a rigid container the rest of the time.

Sports Mouthguards Morphett Vale

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