Teeth Whitening to Transform Your Smile!

Teeth Whitening to Transform Your Smile! | Coast Dental | Christies Beach

Feel the change with an effective teeth whitening treatment and smile proudly.

Teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic dentistry treatments to take the world by storm. Professional teeth whitening solutions can significantly transform your smile and overall appearance by removing the unflattering stains from the enamel, in as little as one treatment. The process involves a dental practitioner to administer and oversee an in-office tooth whitening system or provide a professional take-home whitening kit.

In-office and take-home whitening treatment

Professional tooth whitening treatment can be performed instantly in the dental office or the comfort of your home with a take-home kit. Typically, these approaches use a peroxide-based bleach solution to whiten your teeth.

Tooth whitening completed in the dental office involves applying a strong peroxide material to your teeth for a period of time. This bleach solution will be removed at the end of your dental appointment. During the appointment, a laser light is placed on the surface of your teeth to increase the effect of the solution.

Teeth Whitening to Transform Your Smile! | Coast Dental | Christies Beach


An alternative is the professional take-home tooth whitening kit for your convenience and the comfort to brighten your smile in your home. The whitening kit includes your own custom-made teeth trays as well as a supply of peroxide-based tooth bleaching solution. The trays are worn for a period of time each day according to your dentist’s instructions.  Generally, take-home kit lasts a few weeks, and your teeth become notably whiter over this time.

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Advantages of professional tooth whitening options

Professional in-office bleaching provides the most immediate results. Professional take-home whitening treatment has the most research supporting the effectiveness and is more cost-effective.

It is common to be enticed with cheaper options from supermarkets and online sources, however, be wary that non-professional bleaching systems have more risk of complications (i.e. tooth sensitivity) and less predictability.

Are teeth whitening treatments permanent?

The longevity of your teeth whitening results will depend entirely on your lifestyle, habits and dedication to your oral health. At Coast Dental, we recommend a ‘white diet’ during your whitening treatment process. Any dark, staining foods will alter the teeth whitening’s effectiveness.  Naturally, if you continue to consume stain-prone foods and drinks every day, the staining will reoccur.

We realise that no matter how dedicated you are to your oral health, staining is likely to reoccur. Whitening treatments are occasionally recommended to maintain your optimal level of whiteness. You may wish to consider combining follow-up whitening treatments with your regular six-monthly check-ups for long-lasting results.

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Coast Dental in Christies Beach offers teeth whitening treatments to rejuvenate the appearance of your teeth. Our dental professionals can provide teeth whitening treatment in-office and at-home solutions. Contact us today to find out about this treatment.

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