Wisdom Teeth Removal Morphett Vale

Wisdom teeth extraction, performed at Coast Dental in Christies Beach, looks after your oral health

Adults can have up to 32 teeth; four of which are wisdom teeth. Only about 30% of adults either don’t have wisdom teeth or don’t need them extracted. For the other 70% of adults extracting wisdom teeth is necessary. For the simple reason their jaws aren’t big enough to accommodate them. By extracting wisdom teeth before they erupt we can save you from a lot of pain and discomfort.

Why are they called wisdom teeth?

They are called wisdom teeth because of the age when they typically erupt: which is between 17 and 25, theoretically the age when people becoming adults. When you visit Coast Dental for a regular check-up we can take x-rays of your jaw and determine if your wisdom teeth will need to be extracted. If we assess there is enough room in your jaw for the teeth to come through we will give you the option of either letting them erupt or extraction.

When extraction is the only option

If the wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning the tooth comes through at an angle, it will be painful and better for your oral health to extract the tooth. Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical extraction and seldom ever will it be as simple as anaesthetic and forceps.

For your oral health, and general comfort, it is ideal to identify wisdom teeth before they erupt. This means that the Coast Dental team can extract the tooth before it causes any problems.

After-care instructions

Once the wisdom teeth have been removed you will most likely experience some discomfort and swelling. The degree of swelling and discomfort will depend on whether or not the extraction was a difficult one.

Your Coast Dental dentist will advise you about a follow-up appointment to ensure the healing process is on track

Wisdom Teeth Removal Morphett Vale

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